Meeting Links/Forms/Resources 

Subcommittee Meeting Links 

Area Service Meeting: Second Sunday of the Month 9:30 am 

United Steelworkers

115 Albert St, Oshawa, ON L1H 4R3

Public Relations: Second Monday of the month 6:00 pm 

New Life 7th Seventh-day Adventist Church

33 Olive Ave, Oshawa, ON L1H 2N7 

Hospitals and Institutions: Third Monday of the month 6:30 p.m   

New Life 7th Seventh-day Adventist Church

33 Olive Ave, Oshawa, ON L1H 2N7

Meeting Code: 902 220 6950  Password: 617391

Activities: Last Monday of the month 6:30 p.m 

New Life 7th Seventh-day Adventist Church

33 Olive Ave, Oshawa, ON L1H 2N7 

Regional Service Commitments 

The Ontario Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous meets the third Sunday in January, April, July and October at 10am EST on the Zoom platform. Anyone can join us.


Meeting ID: 834 1486 5893

Password: 777086

Ontario Region and Manitoba Area 1st Annual Planning Meeting 2021 - an online event for RCMs, ORSCNA Officers and all interested members. Saturday, October 16th. 9:00 AM until noon


Meeting ID: 848 0649 7870

Password: 590139

The Regional Fellowship Development Team meets the last Sunday of every month at 6pm EST on the Zoom platform. Anyone can join us.


Meeting ID: 874 1302 2651

No password

The Regional Hospitals & Institutions Workgroup meets quarterly and the next meeting date is yet to be determined. Please check back regularly for updates.


Meeting ID: 890 4480 8475

Password: 373725

Current Fellowship Development Workgroups:

1.   Regional Newcomer Development Workgroup

2.    Regional H&I Workgroup

3.    Accessibility for Addicts with Additional Needs Workgroup

4.    Phoneline Workgroup

5.    Media Relations Workgroup

6.    Policy Workgroup

7.    Attracting Members to Service Workgroup

If you'd like to join any of the above-mentioned workgroups, please email

13. CLOANA P&P's - Revised March 2020 (1)

Area Service Committee Policies & Procedures  

activities-P-Ps-2020 (1).docx

Activities Policies & Procedures 

CENTRAL-LAKE-ONTARIO-HI-PPs-revised-2018 (1).pdf

Hospitals & Institutions Policies and Procedures. 

CLOANA Revised APPROVED 2021.docx

Public Information Policies & Proceedures

GLS_Jul20_WEB (1).pdf

A Guide to Local Service

               Click on the link for WS new Service  Tool Kit                 GSR Tool Kit  


Service Literature 


Service Literature 


For the Young Addict 

EN3107 (1).pdf

Am I an Addict?


Recovery and Relapse 


The Group


Working Step 4 

EN3111 (1).pdf



The Triangle of Self Obsession 


Mental Health & Recovery

EN3119 (3).pdf

Self Acceptance 


Another Look 

NA8.5x3.5 cloana card_printable Version 2013.pdf

PR Handout 

World Services 

Reaching Out is  NA's World Services Newsletter. It is released every 3 months. Visit World Service Newsletter  for past editions. 

Welcome to Reaching Out!  Whether you are an NA member, a professional who works with recovering addicts, an incarcerated member or a member who provides Hospital and Institution service, this NA World Services newsletter may be a resource for you. Reaching Out in its design helps incarcerated addicts connect to the NA program of recovery, enhances H&I efforts and offers experience from members who successfully transitioned from the ‘inside’ to be productive members of society. The section “From the Inside” is filled with letters and artwork from incarcerated addicts who share their experience, strength and hope as they find and maintain recovery from addiction through NA. “From the Outside” section features stories from members who are living drug free in the community and have previously been incarcerated. Often, there is artwork from members on the ‘outside’. Additionally, this section offers experience from H&I members who value and are deeply committed to carrying the NA message of recovery to addicts who are unable to attend regular NA community meetings. These letters are inspirational for many as they offer hope for a new way to live and they provide evidence of the efficacy of the NA program for any reader.